Wood Types Available
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Rustic Alder
Profiles Available
  • Recessed Panel Square
  • Recessed Panel Square with 5-Piece Drawer Front
Door Frame Solid wood
Center Panel 3/16" veneer flat panel
Drawer Front Options 5-piece standard

Available Photography

Available Finishes

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Below is only a sampling of finishes available for this door style.  Please visit The Home Depot for a complete selection.

Cherry Copper

Cherry Copper Ink Glaze

Cherry Copper Java Glaze

Cherry Cork

Cherry Cork Java Glaze

Cherry Ginseng

Cherry Ginseng Ink Glaze

Cherry Ginseng Java Glaze

Cherry Mulberry

Cherry Mulberry Ink Glaze

Cherry Raisin

Cherry Raisin Ink Glaze

Cherry Rhubarb

Cherry Rhubarb Ink Glaze

Cherry Rhubarb Java Glaze

Cherry Satchel

Cherry Satchel Ink Glaze

Cherry Satchel Java Glaze

Cherry Stout

Cherry Stout Ink Glaze

Cherry Tawny

Cherry Tawny Ink Glaze

Cherry Tawny Java Glaze

Maple Blueberry Color Complement

Maple Blueberry Ink Glaze

Maple Butter Cream Color Complement

Maple Chiffon Hand-Brushed Opaque

Maple Coal Color Complement

Maple Copper

Maple Copper Ink Glaze

Maple Copper Java Glaze

Maple Cork

Maple Cork Java Glaze

Maple Earl Grey Color Complement

Maple Ecru Eclipse Glaze

Maple Ecru Java Glaze

Maple Ecru Mojave Glaze

Maple Ecru Moonstone Glaze

Maple Ecru Premium White & Gray

Maple Ginseng

Maple Ginseng Ink Glaze

Maple Ginseng Java Glaze

Maple Grotto Hand-Brushed Opaque

Maple Gypsum Eclipse Glaze

Maple Gypsum Java Glaze

Maple Gypsum Moonstone Glaze

Maple Gypsum Premium White & Gray

Maple Meringue Hand-Brushed Opaque

Maple Mulberry

Maple Mulberry Ink Glaze

Maple Peppermint Color Complement

Maple Peppermint Ink Glaze

Maple Polenta Hand-Brushed Opaque

Maple Raisin

Maple Raisin Ink Glaze

Maple Shiitake Hand-Brushed Opaque

Maple Sorghum

Maple Stout Ink Glaze

Maple Tawny

Maple Tawny Ink Glaze

Maple Tawny Java Glaze

Oak Caraway

Oak Coal Color Complement

Oak Ochre

Oak Raisin

Oak Rhubarb

Oak Stout

Rustic Alder Copper

Rustic Alder Copper Ink Glaze

Rustic Alder Copper Java Glaze

Rustic Alder Cork

Rustic Alder Cork Java Glaze

Rustic Alder Ginseng

Rustic Alder Ginseng Ink Glaze

Rustic Alder Ginseng Java Glaze

Rustic Alder Rhubarb

Rustic Alder Rhubarb Ink Glaze

Rustic Alder Rhubarb Java Glaze

Rustic Alder Tawny

Rustic Alder Tawny Ink Glaze

Rustic Alder Tawny Java Glaze

Special Features

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Available at Thomasville Stores and Independent Furniture Retailers

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Cabinet Hardware

Put diamonds on your fingers, fabulous hardware on your cabinets. Click here to see cabinetry pulls and knobs available for Nouveau cabinets.


Nouveau Specifications

Nouveau Specifications

Organization and Storage

Today’s kitchens and baths are more creative, adaptable and hard-working than ever before. Our organization and storage cabinets, including our exclusive Performa™ organization system, exist to make your life easier. You no longer have to fear the pantry. Click the image below to discover a whole new world behind cabinet doors.

Custom Accents

Want a plate rack? You got it. Need custom-sized appliance panels? No problem. Dreaming of dramatic, open display shelves? Coming right up! Get into custom accents and get it just right. Click below to see a sampling of our accessory cabinets and embellishments. Too many options to show here, but your Home Depot designer can show you more ways to make the room your own.

Glass Doors

All that sparkles, shines and glitters. Click here to see the glass options available with our Nouveau cabinetry.


Sleek in appearance, these full-access cabinets combine European design with unsurpassed durability.
View Nouveau Construction Options and Features


Due to the differences in photographic processes and the colour calibration of individual computer monitors, cabinetry and hardware finishes shown on this website may vary from the actual product finish. To ensure highest satisfaction, we strongly recommend that you visit your local Home Depot to view actual samples for best colour, wood grain and finish representation.